Done trying to be nice.
okay, lets face it. is now, officially, a fucking shithole. i dont think ive ever seen a more ridiculous pile of absolute bullshit. yet i cant fucking leave. yes, im depressed and this is me ranting because i cant fucking my fucking gag reflex, but its the truth.

first point: majority of the authors there cant write for shit. there are a select few that i actually do like (sadie, sam, mia, poppana, my two lucy's, hozzie, penina, aj and all my other friends) but most of the others cant write for shit. i act like the most illiterate asshole when im angry (such as right now) but i can write like fucking shakespeare sometimes. i believe that anger is best presented without capitalization, so fuck you if you think otherwise.

next point: all there is now is blogs, notes, and whines. like, god. i got a livejournal sheerly for the purpose of having a place to put my thoughts where no one else will read them and get all pissy at me. i mean, im okay with a few blogs, but seriously? jfc.

final point: there're no decent MCR fics anymore. seeing as majority of the population of that site is there for mcr, there should be fics by the shitdozen. nope, all there is is fucking shit. i do write fucking fics, oneshots and chaptered, and i post my lyrics there, so i believe its a writing site. not a fucking ... i give the fuck up.


dont get pissy at me for giving out my damn fucking opinion. jesus.

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Dunno which is worse:

The thought of being alone forever


Being alone forever.


Lyric ideas & my favourite lyrics
Goodbyes written in smoke and empty bottles;
My crayon-drawn heart keeps reaching out and your arms say no.


I'm scared to get close and I hate being alone.


Mirror, mirror, tell me what you see,
A cracked facade and mascara show lights.


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